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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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now friends and fans are remembering carrie fisher who has died at the age of 60. back in the bay area, police are investigating a shooting in the mall. a historic day in hawaii as the president and prime minister remember pearl harbor. i'm allie rasmus. >> i'm frank mallicoat. mike and gasia have the day off. carrie fisher has passed away. >> she was best known for her role as princess leia in star wars. an hour ago, her mother, debbie reynolds took to facebook writing the following. >> carrie fisher best known for her role as princess leia in star wars had a massive heart
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attack on a plane returning to los angeles from london. fisher had been overseas promoting her eighth book, a recollection about what happened behind the scenes when star wars was filmed. hollywood reacted quickly after fisher was rushed to the hospital. as if 016 couldn't -- as if 2016 couldn't get any worse. sending all our love to carrie fisher. the daughter of debbie reynolds she appeared distinned for stardom, becoming a pop culture icon after starring as princess leia. she published her first novel in 1987. she went on to become a successful screen writer, revising hollywood scripts while taking on supporting roles in big movies. she reprized her role as princess leia in the force
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awakens and finished shooting the new film in the franchise recently. she spoke publicly about her struggles with bipolar disorder and drug abuse. rolling stone magazine featured in fisher this month. when asked the question do you fear death. she said she fears the pain of dying and said i have seen death. it didn't look like fun. if i was going to do it, i would want someone like me around. carrie fisher was 60 years old. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> unreal. derek carr is undergoing surgery on his broken fibula in los angeles later today. he was injured you may recall on saturday at the coliseum as the raiders hosted the indianapolis colts. the crowd went silent as the star quarterback was helped off the field. the recovery will be six to
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eight weeks but the coach says the team will carry on. >> we will do what we need do. there is a natural feeling of stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing at whatever position. feel the same about it being the quarterback. it is about us as a team going out and competing against the other team. >> matt is now the starting quarterback. he was the backup. the raiders beat denver on sunday, they will get a first round bye. if they lose and kansas city wins, they get the afc west title and the raiders would become a wild car. witnesses say a shooting injured a man and sent bullets into several businesses, including a starbucks. >> christien kafton spoke to a woman who heard the shot. >> reporter: investigators are looking for the public's help in the investigation. it appears to be a bullet hole in the wall here. if you look over to the side, you can see that the window at the hawaiian barbecue restaurant appears to have been
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blown out in the incident. multiple shots were fired. we spoke with one woman who says she was nearby and heard the shots ring out. >> it sounded like gunshots. i heard seven shots. >> did you think that somebody had been hit. >> i didn't know. i just knew it was very close and it was very -- it seemed like an automatic gun, you know, like a semiautomatic. >> yeah. >> it didn't sound good. >> reporter: investigators say the shooting started at 9:15 last night. most of the businesses were open in the area. and customers were in and out of the mall at the time of the shooting. police arrived shortly after the shots were fired. witnesses tell investigators that one man was hit and bleeding. he started to run into the starbucks and took off in a car. >> this is the first shooting that we've had in several months anyway. but it can happen anywhere at any time. >> reporter: investigators have told me that they have been checking in with emergency rooms and hospitals to see if that shooting victim showed up anywhere. so far that man has not shown
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up in any hospitals. pleasant hill police looking for any help from the public. in pleasant hill, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. well, oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting of a former u.s. marine in east oakland. it happened on humboldt avenue around 7:15 last night. when officers responded to a shot spotter alert, they found the 23-year-old man laying in the street. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he is an oakland restaurant and hayward high school grad. police have not said what the motive was and they have not arrested anyone for the crime. a san jose man is under arrest for the deadly christmas eve stabbing of his wife. he was arrested after the stabbing on north 10th street. police found the victim, julian aarias suffering from at least one stab wound. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. this is san jose's 47th homicide this year. happening now in hawaii,
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president obama is holding a bilateral meeting with japan's prime minister as part of a historic trip to recognize the japanese attacks on pearl harbor 75 years ago this month. yesterday the prime minister visited the cemetery in honolulu where he took part in a wreath laying ceremony. in just about an hour, he and president obama will attend another wreath laying ceremony aboard the uss arizona memorial. that was the site of the 1941 bombing. earlier this month, japanese officials said the reason for the visit is to pie respect to those killed, not to issue an apologize. president obama was the first sitting president to visit japan to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing of that city. president-elect donald trump continues to spar with president obama over twitter. >> this time it's over the hypothetical matchup in
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political affairs. >> reporter: despite smiling for the cameras, tensions between the president and president-elect are growing. from mr. obama's ban on off shore oil drilling to the release of prisoners from guantanamo bay it seems there are dualing administrations. made more evident in the last few days after israel claims that president obama ordered the ambassador to abstain from a vote. >> thank god in 25 days we will see a change in the american administration and also a change in american policy. >> reporter: adding fuel to the fire, president obama told a radio show monday that he believes he could have beat donald trump had he been able to run for a third term. that remark raising the ire of the president-elect who fired back on twitter. president obama says he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no
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way. jobs leaving, isis, o-care, et cetera. critics say the president is attempting to spin his own legacy while separating himself from the democrats devastating losses in november. >> at the end of the day, they wanted change. and change in a more conservative direction, not just on obamacare but also the supreme court, on the economy. so i think obama needs to look in the mirror and realize that he bears a lot of responsibility. >> reporter: mr. trump continues to spend the holiday in florida. we're told he will continue with high level meetings as he still needs to fill two cabinet secretary positions. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> donald trump says he will close down his charitable foundation to avoid conflicts of interest when he assumes the presidency in january. but the attorney general says the office is investigating the trump foundation and that the president-elect can't legally dissolve his foundation until that investigation is completed.
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the "washington post" reported that the foundation spent charity money to settle lawsuits for the businesses and buy a $20,000 painting of donald trump. mr. trump says he is proud of the charity work done by his foundation. rescue teams have found a flight recorder from the russian military plane that crashed in the black sea over the weekend, killing 92 people on board. the data recorder was discovered about a mile away from the shore. they put the so-called black box which is actually orange, in a container of seawater to preserve it. it was flown to moscow to be investigated. russian officials believe the crash was an accident but they have not ruled out terrorism. among the victims were members of a choir headed to syria to perform on new year's eve for russian troops. still ahead, police in san francisco investigating a shooting that involved an uber driver. why the driver says he is very lucky and the latest on the investigation. another morning of freezing temperatures around parts of the bay area. our meteorologist rosemary orozco will be here with details on what to expect for
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the rest of the workweek. now you're looking at downtown san jose. a giant menorah stolen before the beginning of hanukkah. why the community says it has actually brought them closer. coming up.
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>> police are hoping that surveillance video will help
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them find whoever stole the menorah. >> the community realized the menorah was gone when they went to light it saturday night. this crime is actually bringing the community closer together. ♪[music] >> reporter: a festival of light after a night of darkness. >> someone vandalized the tree three times in the last two weeks. and then they took the menorah. so for us to come together in the spirit of light, which is really the christian and the jewish tradition, it means a lot. >> reporter: the menorah which stood six feet tall and weighed 150 pounds was installed three weeks ago on the corner of stockton. the sudden disappearance surprised everyone. >> when someone comes to a symbol in a public sphere and takes that away, that is a portrayal of hate. that is saying what you're doing is not important and i am going to ruin that for you. >> reporter: the community
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realized the menorah was missing saturday when they went to light the candles the second night of hanukkah. now the san francisco police are looking at surveillance video from neighborhood businesses, the jewish festival of lights continued with a new meaning to create more light using smaller, individual menorahs. >> this ceremony kind of tells -- sends a message that we're still together. we are strong. we come together no matter what. and we celebrate anyways. >> reporter: all of us have oil inside of us that we use to light the candles and we can ignite each other over the holiday season, spreading a message of love and hope. next season will be the same but maybe just a bit different. >> i'm excited for every year to be -- to light up this park and have an even grander menorah next year. it might have to be chained down and we might have to have cameras on it at all times. we will make sure for the haters out there, they won't
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have the opportunity to hate. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. that brass is worth an estimated $1,000. metal recyclers are being asked to be on the outlook for someone trying to sell that for scrap. people in the south bay who live in an upscale san jose neighborhood can't believe that someone stole all their mailboxes. it happened on christmas eve. about 20 people who live at the ranch on silver creek say the thieves left nothing behind but concrete and a little bit of metal. they had mail stolen before. but they say this makes them feel even more vulnerable. >> i feel very victimized. this is the fourth time it happened. this time they decided to, hey, let's unscrew the hinges and take the whole mailbox. >> one neighbor told us they saw two men in their 30s stealing the mailboxes. that person says the men drove off in a white pickup truck. all right. i took a little walk to get a
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bowl of soup and sandwich and it is still really cold out there, rosemary. >> it is still cold. >> it is not warming up at all. >> not at all. >> well, it has. and the numbers will prove -- the numbers will prove that. we're in the low 50s. which is still really cool. but this morning we woke up in the low 30s. even below freezing for many of us. with a freeze warning in place throughout the portion of the morning. that expired at 9:00. giving you a live look over oakland where the sun is shining. low and mid level clouds sweeping across the area. we woke up with a good batch of clouds overhead. that offset the cooling in the overnight hours. not by much but some of us woke up a few degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. 52 in livermore. 52 in napa. around the bay, upper 40s to low 50s. 51 in oakland. into the south bay, 52 for san jose. as we get into half moon bay, 57. one of the warmer spots. how about along the peninsula,
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51 foster city. 52 in san mateo. antioch and danville also 51. 51 also in moraga. still a cool one out there. temperatures are up in most areas. oakland a tad cooler but fairfield, livermore, santa rosa, sfo and san jose a few degrees warmer at this hour than 24 hours ago. that will be the trend as we get into the next few days. just a minor warm-up with each passing day. low 60s in the forecast by tomorrow. storm tracker 2 showing no rain in sight. as the ridge of high pressure twins to strengthen our way, it will keep us dry and again going to help to pull our temperatures up a bit. tomorrow morning, still going to be very, very cold. but not as cool as we were this morning. maybe a few degrees warmer. and then as we get into the afternoon, a few degrees warmer tomorrow. then where you see us right now for the afternoon today. 58 in novato expected for the second half of the afternoon. 57 in vallejo.
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upper 50s for oakland. and if we shift ow eyes to the west -- our eyes to the west, 55 for san francisco. upper 50s expected in pacifica. 57 los gatos. 59 in san jose. your extended forecast, temperatures continuing to climb. not a huge jump but still a little better mid week wednesday and thursday. then we begin to see another transition into your holiday weekend. temperatures begin to fall off some. we see an increase in cloud cover. we have a system coming from the south. a second that comes from the north. it doesn't look like it will bring a lot of rain. we may see sprinkles and a little bit of snow. i will line up that futurecast model for you coming up in a little bit. >> all right. sounds like you have a busy week, rosemary. >> i like it. >> thanks, rosemary. a big winter storm moved across the great plains states. it has caused power outages
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across the dakotas and michigan. it is making travel very dangerous. highways and an airport shut down yesterday due to white-out conditions. knew sioux falls, south dakota, the winds were so strong a roof was blown off a building as firefighters were battling a fast moving fire. >> we can have extreme weather conditions with wind driven fire that's creates fire behavior we're not used to seeing every day. >> that winter storm system now moving east through the great lakes and on into new england. coming up, disturbances, fights and arrests at malls across the country as thousands of people headed out for after christmas shopping. still ahead, why there is an investigation into whether or not the incidents may be connected despite spanning cities nationwide.
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>> welcome back. congressional republicans are planning a massive overhaul of the nation's tax system next year. they say the goal is to simplify a complicated tax code that rewards the wealthy and corporations. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan vow to pass a tax package that will not add to the budget deficit. analysts say that means for every tax cut, there has to be a tax increase. take a look at stocks on this chilly little tuesday. and right now, it is up. up 18 points.
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it still is approaching 20k but not quite. the dow is having a good day so far. holiday return season is underway at malls across the country. before you head to the malls you should know the store's return policy. some items cannot be returned like open dvds. you should also bring your receipt with you and id. if you don't, many stores can refund the card credit used to make the purchase. if you're exchanging a gift, you probably didn't guy bye it with your own credit card. it's time to take advantage of the after-christmas sales. >> just buying extra stuff that we probably don't need. it is fun to have. and it is just great sales. >> trying to get through all of the crowd and get in and get out. >> in case we see sales. >> always prepared. according to the national retail federation, about 10% of holiday purchases are returned. california raising its
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minimum wage as of new year's day. the hourly wage increases from $10 to $10.50 on up and gradually goes up until it will reach $15. starting this sunday, beauty salons and barbershops will be able to serve alcohol to customers as long as it is free and before 10:00 at night. many were already doing this which was technically against the law without a liquor license. the case former brock turner prompting a new law that makes anyone found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious person ineligible for parole. it broadens the definition of rape. another new state law targets drivers who may be distracted by cell phones. >> as of january the 1st, it will be against the law to hold your phone at all while you're driving. ktvu's janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: a lot of people
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will use their phone to scroll through social media media at a stoplight or punch in directions. well, you computer do that anymore. everything needs to be hands free. this new law prohibits drivers from holding and operating devices while driving. so no more looking down while you're using google maps or ways for directions. no more looking down at play lists to change the music. it will also be illegal to take pictures while driving. dmv data shows there were 12 deadly crashes last year from distracted driving with hand held cell phones, 500 injuries and 700 property damage collisions. >> i'm going to do what i can to, you know, like get a mount and, you know, do what i can to prevent that. there have been times when you're in traffic, you pick up the phone and the car in front of you stops and you have to brake. >> reporter: the law allows for an exception. a driver is allowed to use the phone if it required just a
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single swipe but only if it is mounted to the dashboard or windshield. what if you're listening to voice operated directions, is it okay to leave it in a cup holder and not touch it? >> the best practice is to have a mount because then we take all other considerations or questions out of the equation. so to say do you have to have a mount, that is what the law is saying. we're going to say that you need to have the mount. >> reporter: if you're caught holding your phone while driving, the fine for the first violation is $20. and for the second one, it's $50. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. now, also starting next year, new gun control regulations take effect. it will require background checks on ammunition purchases, a ban on so-called bullet buttons and the lending of guns between family members. a lot of new rules and regulations. sheriffs in sacramento are asking for help from bay area residents to search for a
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homicide suspect believed to be in the east bay. plus, why there was a controversy over a memorial for two people killed in a crash over the holiday weekend and why it all had to do with what was left at the memorial site.
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>> sacramento sheriff's department is asking for some help locating a homicide
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suspect from oakland. 19-year-old jonathan pierce is wanted in the december 12th killing of 23-year-old patrick. pierce is known to have relatives in the east bay and sacramento. he is suspected of shooting the suspect at a gas station on el camino avenue in sacramento. denyings believe the shooting occurred during a marijuana deal that went bad. according to witnesses, pierce left the scene in a dark colored suv or truck after the shooting. e shooting. >> he was possibly approached by a dark colored suv or truck with unknown suspects inside. >> they are attempting to identify the passengers in the vehicle along with pierce. pierce is considered to be armed and dangerous. anyone with information in the case is urged to give the sacramento sheriff's office a call. an update on a christmas eve shopping trip to target in hayward that turned deadly. >> two suspects have been arrested but many questions remain. henry lee has the very latest.
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>> reporter: it was christmas eve and shopping was in full swing at the target in hayward. but a broke out about 8:00 saturday night and a 36-year- old hayward man was stabbed inside the store. he died at a hospital. two suspects ran away but were arrested around the corner. both are men in their 20s from hayward. the names of the victim and the suspects were not released. police declined to go on camera but they don't believe it is gang related but would not say what the argument was about. authorities would not say whether the attack was captured on the store surveillance cameras. this is the city's 13th homicide this year. there were ten killings in hayward in 2015. the store manager says thoughts are with the family involved. in a statement, at target the safety and security of guests and team members are a top priority. when we were made aware of the incident, we immediately contacted local law enforcement and closed the store. shoppers are stunned by the christmas eve violence. >> i'm shocked.
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i come here all the time because we don't live that far away. i've never seen anything that has concerned me before. >> it is sad that, you know, someone would do that. i just can't understand, you know, how humans can take another person's life. >> any time that anything bad happens in your neighborhood, you're not happy about it. this is the first i've heard about it. typically i find this to be a decent neighborhood. to hear that is shocking. >> reporter: alameda county prosecutors will decide whether to file formal murder charges. the man identified as 60- year-old steven covy was found on foster road. his brother found him in the home but was overcome by the fume asks had to be hospitalized. investigators believe he was using propane to heat the house. there is a new controversy about the crash christmas morning in san jose that killed
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a teenage boy and a suspected drunk driver. friends and family of jessica zamora created a memorial last night at the crash site. authorities say she crossed the center median on capital expressway and slammed into the car, killing the young boy and injuring his parents. some of her friends put candles, flowers and beer cans at the memorial as a sign of love. investigators believe she was drunk when she took the legal. by the time our crew arrived, the alcohol was removed. >> she was a wonderful mom. a wonderful friend. a wonderful person. she was loving. yes, she did drink that night. but no one is perfect. >> zamora reportedly went to a bar a few hours prior to the crash. the manager tells ktvu she had two drinks that night. a gofundme page has been set up for her 5-year-old daughter. we don't know much about the 14-
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year-old boy who passed but his parents are expected to recover from the crash. vallejo police are investigating a shooting that left one man seriously hurt last night. it happened on florida street around 5:00. when police and paramedics arrived, they found a man had been shot at the town market. >> witnesses on scene provided medical care and transported the patient code 3 to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. >> now, there is no update on the victim's condition. we don't know his name. police say they found several shell casings in the area. they don't have a motive for the shooting and have not issued a suspect description yet. san francisco police investigating a scary incident that involved an uber driver. the driver says he was sitting in his care early saturday morning and waiting for a passenger when a man came up to his car and fired shots at him. he wasn't hit but was cut by the shattered glass. >> take out the gun and he shoot me.
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and fortunately the bullet just passed from my face. >> police responded to a shots spotter alert and found the victim a few blocks from the shooting. he was taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made in the uber shooting. a former versace employee has filed a lawsuit against the company. lawyers filed the suit this morning in alameda county superior supreme court. he worked at the outlet store in livermore. he is suing the company after he says he had to use a secret code to tell employees when an african-american customer was entering the store. he says he was told about the code during his new employee training. and when he told the store he was african-american he claims they treated him differently and fired him. he is suing for unpaid wages and damages. versace has denied the allegations and already filed a request to dismiss that suit. several intense moments at a mall across the country, in fact several malls as thousands
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rush to take part in after christmas shopping. >> what led up to the fights that happened at half a dozen cities nationwide. >> reporter: police evacuating the mall in aurora, colorado after several fights at the shopping mall. >> we needed to close down the mall for public safety. >> reporter: the brawls were said to have started during an arrest when an unruely crowd of 500 people advanced on one officer. at least five juveniles taken into custody. >> we had a city wide call for assistance. all available officers were called in. >> reporter: another disturbance in ohio where police used pepper spray to disburse the crowd after a fight there. a report of gunfire was false. police placed one male juvenile under arrest for allegedly trying to hit an officer. >> i saw a girl get trampled
12:37 pm
on. it was really scary. it is really sad. >> reporter: similar scenes playing out in connecticut, illinois, tennessee and several other states. >> i'm not quite processing exactly. but, yeah, scared is a very good thing. i've been calling everyone and just trying to, you know, get home where i'm safe. >> there's no official word on whether the fights are connected although there are indications there may be a link to social media. in new york, rob schmidt, fox news. tennessee officials still searching for one of the six inmates that escaped on christmas day. investigators now know how that escape happened. the inmates managed to remove a toil set and get through the narrow passage where the plumbing was. officials say the inmates were probably aware of previous maintenance issues. >> we've had multiple issues with the facility concerning water breaks and sewage breaks, deterioration of the facility. and it's -- it's a never ending task to try to keep this place
12:38 pm
and the facility operational. >> county officials say there are have been other jail breaks there but never had many escape at once. the one inmate still on the loose is considered the most dangerous of the group. he was in custody for robbery and possession of a weapon. law enforcement agencies across the bay area are increasing efforts to curb drunk driving throughout the holiday season. saturation paroles will be out in full force this weekend. officers will being looking and checking for drivers who are behind the wheel under the influence. ktvu is with san rafael patrol during a saturation patrol last week. san rafael police will have another dui check point this week for new year's weekend. in san francisco, there's talk of potentially new design for a fire station that houses the department's fire boats. the chronicle reports the city is looking at the idea of building a floating barge featuring a two story fire station on top. the city has been looking to
12:39 pm
replace the cramped old fire station at pier22 and a half. the station would be critical in the case of a major earthquake but it there are logistic issues that make it difficult but not impossible. the project would be a 180-foot long pier with a two story fire station. >> that would be interesting to see. an nfl coach sent packing with just one game left in the regular season. nba officials are speaking out about the two blown calls in the warriors loss on christmas day to the cavaliers. we will check back with our meteorologist rosemary orozco for details on upcoming new year's forecast, whether you need an umbrella, change your plans. when the rain may be moving in back in the bay area. here is a look at mount diablo this tuesday afternoon.
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>> well, the buffalo bills are looking for a new head coach because they fired rex ryan. he has been with the bills for almost two seasons. the bills were eliminated from post season contention on saturday. they won 7 games this season and lost 8. they could be .500 with another win. anthony lynn will replace him for the finale against the jets. the nba now admits its refs missed two foul calls in the final moments of the game
12:43 pm
against the cavaliers on sunday. lebron james should have received a technical foul after this dunk. the league also says jefferson should have been called for a foul against kevin durant. >> he stepped on his foot. >> yeah. that would have sent him to the free throw line for two shots. instead the cavs one 109-108. simone biles won the female athlete of the year. she won four gold medals and a bronze at the re- -- olympic games this past summer. wowed them every night. katie ledecky was the runner-up for the award. ap male athlete of the year will be announced at 8:00 tonight. this year in sports was unfortettible with the world's best athletes making amazing catches and buzzer beaters. >> there was a lot.
12:44 pm
let's look at the highlights from 2016.
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>> that was an amazing game. they to include the cubs there. back leer at home, the sharks return to the ice tonight to play the ducks in anaheim over the holidays the sharks donated $30,000 to the high school team, a special needs school. they presented them with new hockey equipment as well. the group will now be able to register with the usa hockey program, making them eligible to participate in the disabled hockey festival taking place in san jose in april. >> who says that athletes are not role models. that is awesome. preparations are underway because the big rose parade is coming up. the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. volunteers are pouring over
12:47 pm
every detail, making sure that the flowers, the leaves, the seeds are just right. it has to be natural or it doesn't go on the float. as you might imagine, it is a delicate process and it takes a lot of time. >> we're kind of depicting a child's playroom inside of the house. you have lions, tigers and bears. it's a lot of work and a lot of volunteers as you can see in the background. people from all over the world do this. >> the float builders actually have an extra day to work this year. traditionally it is held on new year's day unless it falls on a sunday. and it does. that's the case this year. so the 2017 rose parade and rose bowl game will be set for monday, january the 2nd. it's always a sure bet that they have nice weather. >> that's true. >> in pasadena. let's see what it's like here at home in the bay area. rosemary orozco is in the weather center with a look at our forecast. >> yeah. it will be a quiet few days ahead. the temperatures will rise just slightly. and then change coming for the
12:48 pm
end of the week and your holiday weekend. giving you a view across the bay and into san francisco where we do have the sunshine out there. mid and high level clouds sweeping across the bay area from time to time. outside of that, not a lot of change going on. just a minor warm-up with each passing day. until we get about to thursday. then things change up once again. we will look at the numbers on the back side. let's look at the pattern in place. there's the ridge in there. the water vapor loop going for you. here is the system right in here. that will change our weather pattern friday. even bring a few scattered showers over areas of southern california, speaking of the rose parade. here is a look at the extended forecast taking you into the weekend. then we will backtrack and look at the rest of the afternoon for today. afternoon for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, quiet, dry, and we are looking at temperatures becoming relatively mild. i'll show you that in a moment. here is a look at the friday system that i showed you a moment ago on the satellite, the water vapor loop. this will move in right about
12:49 pm
southern california on friday morning. notice all of the cloud cover coming towards the bay area. it doesn't look like we will get any rain out of this. we will continue to track it. a few sprinkles. that's about it. the next system comes out of the north. the models were showing a little moisture this morning. now it doesn't show a lot of anything. just cloud cover. this is saturday. this is new year's eve, moving into new year's day. we're looking at a bit of unsettled weather. as you can see, it doesn't look like we will see much if any rain. we will continue to watch it over the next few days. keep an eye on the forecast. don't cancel your plans. we're looking good for the ho l day weekend. outside our doors under partly cloudy skies, it is a cool one. 51 in san francisco. 51 in oakland. upper 40s in brentwood. 52 san jose. and 41 in the north bay of that vader aand napa. in the afternoon, mid to upper 50s for the forecast for the north bay locations. 56 in san rafael.
12:50 pm
to the east bay, 56 for oakland. mid 50s for concord. san francisco, 55. upper 50s at the coast and pacifica. the south bay, we have 59 in san jose. 58 expected for morgan hill. your extended forecast, a little warmer on wednesday. a near repeat on thursday. overnight lows will still be very, very chilly. coming up just slightly as the afternoon highs begin to moderate as well. it doesn't last. as we get into your bay area weekend, the increase in the cloud cover and unsettled weather and temperatures fall back to the upper 50s. all in all, not a bad looking forecast. again, if you have outdoor plans for new year's eve or day, we're in good shape. >> all right. thanks, rosemary. >> sure. >> people may not have to change their new year's plans. >> yeah. bring the coat. all good. after a holiday weekend full of fresh powder in the sierra, there is concern about what visitors left behind. >> broken sleds and trash abandoned along the side of the highway. >> reporter: getting into the snow park was a mess this
12:51 pm
monday. with holiday travelers looking for a place to park to go sledding. but the traffic wasn't the only mess. here the pile of broken sleds and trash filled this dumpster and was overflowing: at least here it was near the garbage can. at other sledding locations along the interstate 80 corridor, we found that wasn't the case. >> it looks better without garbage. >> reporter: guadalupe aperez has been coming for three years to the snowy spot so her family can play in the fresh powder and build snow men. this year someone started building heaps of garbage. >> i never see people leaving trash. we don't do that. i don't know. >> reporter: the shards of bright colored bits of plastic sleds are hard to miss. so is the giant raft that was left here. brought his family out to the snow and recognized the impact. >> the plastic doesn't disintegrate. it takes years and years and years. there should be a social responsibility which is pick up
12:52 pm
after yourself. >> reporter: while highway and park workers will clean up some sites that get trashed, some of this plastic could litter the scenery here for decades. >> if you don't take care of it today, you won't have the place to use tomorrow. omorrow. >> well, broken sleds aside, much of the sierra still looks like a winter wonder land. look at the squaw valley and alpine see resorts. squaw received 25 inches of snow over the weekend. it allowed new runs to be open for skiers yesterday. it will be partly cloudy to clear over the next few days before another winter storm is expected to hit this upcoming weekend. all right. we go from the snow to birds. the 34th annual san francisco bird count is underway today. that means a team of birders are out and about looking for birds at parks and along the beaches and flying over the city streets. last year they noted 184 species and more than 73,000 individual birds. similar bird counters are taking place in more than 2,000 other cities during the last couple of weeks of the year.
12:53 pm
well, coming up, one of music's biggest pop stars drops in on one of her biggest fan who's is 91 years old.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> well, one of music's biggest stars dropped in on one of her
12:56 pm
biggest fans. ♪ shake it off ♪ >> that is taylor swift. she surprised 96-year-old world war ii veteran yesterday. he is the man that you saw on the screen dancing in the baseball hat. she gave him a private family concert at his home in missouri. she sang shake it up. t up. >> he thought it was the beat of the music and having a great time with it. >> those two things don't normally go together. >> no. not at all. that's right. >> he had some moves. >> he can bust it. i'm impressed. 96. swift heard about porter and traveled from nashville to missouri for the concert. he had been to two concerts and wanted to see her perform one more time. >> she just made a house call. >> made it happen. this is cool too. check out adorable video from the zoo in south china. the newborn panda twins are
12:57 pm
making their debut. they were born back in october and have been under the care of zookeepers ever since. right now they don't have names but an event is underway to name them. they're just cute. >> cutie number one and two. how about that. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. you can follow us on twitter and facebook.
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dr. oz: true crime tuesdays on "dr. oz." moms who killed their kids. >> the pain never goes away. dr. oz: and the fathers who lived through it. >> i believe she was overtaken by evil. r. oz: texas dad jason sheats first time. he and david smith. >> i was praying to gold to give me the strength to pull the trigger. coming up next. dr. oz: first time. and david today, two fathers whe lives were torn apart where -- when their wives snapped and murdered their own sons. susan smith strapped their sons into car seats before rolling her v


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